Monday, December 29, 2008

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

Erin tagged me. I took this in my office with my camera phone.


1. Take a picture of yourself.. riiiiiight.. NOW!
2. DO NOT change your clothes. DO NOT fix your hair.. Just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do this!

Ten? Wow, not sure I can come up with ten, but I'll try. How about Don, Kat, Chris, Kathleen, Anandi, Christina, Tanya, Lazy Triathlete, Brother O, and Laura, and anyone else who would like to play along, feel free! Please leave a comment on this post when you post your pic.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Whoa, posting this photo was an ordeal! I hate that in all the photos I take from my computer, I have my glasses on, but you said, not to do anything, just take the photo, and I'm not one to break the rules!