Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up Catch-Up

Wow! Time flies. I'm 2 weeks behind in my weekend posts so here are the past 2 weekends condensed into one entry. Enjoy!

April 4- 6
  • Loitered for 40 minutes at the Alaska Airlines counter where it took 8 employees to check me in for my flight from Burbank to Seattle. The silver lining was the 1st class upgrade that for my trouble.
  • Enjoyed quite a few glasses of wine on the flight back to Seattle, perfect to alter my thinking away from all things L.A.
  • Dined at Bell Street Diner with Don after he picked me up from the airport.
  • Happy to be back in my own bed and enjoyed a FABULOUS night of sleep.
  • Started the day Saturday with laundry and coffee which has become our usual but I'm not sure I ever completely woke up from my sleep/home induced fog.
  • Took a lovely nap.
  • Made clam dip, ordered Chinese food and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark with Kat on Saturday evening.
  • Organized, cleaned and enjoyed a day to myself at home. I don't mind traveling for work but I love being home.
April 11 - 13
  • Played pool with Don at Rock Bottom on Friday night. I had spent two weeks basking in the glory of my recent win but went down in a ball of fire with only 1 win to his *too numerous to count* wins.
  • Stopped for coffee on our way to Bothell to pick up Kat and have breakfast at Maltby Cafe.
  • Ran errands in the Woodinville/Bellevue area.
  • Traveled *around the pond* to Dave and Kristen's house in Port Orchard for John's (the cutest nephew in the world) 2nd birthday celebration. I took tons of pictures which I haven't had time to upload from the camera. Party was fun but overwhelming and when I found myself wiping frosting off some random child because his own mother hadn't bothered to notice, it was time to go.
  • Enjoyed an appetizer and a few drinks at Silver City Restaurant & Brewery before heading back to the Seattle via the Kingston-Edmonds ferry and Bothell to drop Kat off at home which turned out to be only a few hours after her normal bed time.
  • Unwound with Don and a cup of coffee at Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue.
  • Enjoyed a day at home on Sunday. When I climbed into bed that night I realized that I didn't speak to another person all day which initially I thought was odd and then realized that it was just what I needed.
How was your weekend(s)?

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