Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekly Update - THE LIST is finally here!

Happy Summer!

It's almost here..... SUMMER!

I mentioned in my message a few weeks ago that I had picked up a copy of the June issue of Seattle magazine with 161 ways to seize the summer. For the last two weeks I have been transferring everything from the magazine to a word document and then once I transferred it over I played and played with it and I never did get it to add up to 161. And in process of transferring everything I realized that it would be nearly impossible to complete ALL of the activities. For example, I cannot see 6 firework displays at the same time on the 4th of July! So I narrowed it down, added a few of my own and created a list of 50 things that I am going to do to seize the summer. Here is the list!

My List for Seizing the Summer of 2005!

1. Spend a day soaking up the sun at Alki Beach in West Seattle then grab a broiled burger and thick shake from Pepperdock’s (2618 Alki Ave. SW) a true beachside burger shack.
2. Gather together a big group of friends and spend an evening around a campfire complete with smores.
3. Enjoy the sights and smells of the 3rd Annual Harvest Festival by the Vashon Lavender Growers Association.
4. Gather the girls and go searching for Seattle’s unofficial nude beaches (Hint: There might be one in Discovery Park, but you didn’t hear that for us.)
5. Chow on tacos and sip margaritas on Agua Verde’s outdoor deck, overlooking Portage Bay.
6. Walk down to the Seattle Center and see an outdoor movie at the Mural Amphitheater.
7. Join in the fun at an outdoor movie in Fremont at 35th Street and Phinney NE, across from Redhook Brewery.
8. Drink a Jones’ soda and watch the sunset from Kerry Park.
9. Grab a fleece blanket, a low back lawn chair and a few friends and head to the 7th annual Redhook Moonlight Cinema.
10. Watch a summer blockbuster at the Valley 6 Drive-In before it becomes yet another housing development.
11. Enjoy at concert South Lake Union Park.
12. Enjoy a concert at The Zoo.
13. Hit Ivar’s Lake Union Salmon House for happy hour including bargain drinks, clam strips and killer views of downtown’s sparking skyscrapers.
14. Score some fun finds rip-off designer sunglasses and maybe 10-minute chair massage – at the European style flea market, the Fremont Sunday market.
15. Enjoy the best of Seattle by having a Barbeque with friends. Buy fresh tuna at Fisherman’s Terminal and make kabobs with zucchini, onion and cherry tomatoes from one of the six Seattle neighborhood farmers markets.
16. Chill out at Sunset Hill Park (7531 34th Ave. NW) and watch the sails dance across the waves at a Wednesday-night regatta (around 6 p.m.) sponsored by Corinthian Yacht Club, in Shishole Then hit Ray’s Boathouse for some prime Northwest fare.
17. Hike through Seattle’s larges stand of old-growth forest at Seward Park and bird-watch for the city’s only flock of feral parrots.
18. Dine in your car on bacon cheeseburgers and delectable fresh blackberry milkshakes and Burgermaster’s retro Aurora location.
19. Spend an afternoon kickin’ around the antique shops on Greenwood Avenue around 85th Street.
20. On San Juan Island, go for a 3-hour Taste of the San Juan’s sea kayaking tour with Crystal Seas and then quench your thirst and appetite at the Front Street Ale House with a pint of chili-enhanced Diablo Ale and a mondo plate of Ale House Nachos.
21. On Lopez Island, camp at Spencer Spit State Park in mid-August for a perfect view of the Perseids meteor shower (we hear the 12th is the best night).
22. See The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas performed by Theatre Schmeater in Volunteer Park.
23. Watch Shakespeare under the starts with a production by GreenStage or the Wooden O Theatre. and/or
24. Stop by the roadside and sample the tasty fruits of our most-appreciated and reviled week, the Himalayan blackberry. Throughout August, this can be done anywhere gardener’s vigilance has waned. Berry abundance can especially be found along the Burke-Gilman Trail near Lake Union and at ferry stops.
25. Eat an ice cream cone at Waterfront Park on a hot summer day.
26. Attend a Mariner’s game at Safeco field.
27. Play hooky for a day in early August, and head to Mount Rainier National Park to see the wildflowers in bloom and tramp around the snow in nothing but shorts and a T-shirt.
28. Enjoy a pint of Bullfrog Ale from Rogue Issaquah Brewhouse.
29. Go berry pickin’ for sun-ripened strawberries and raspberries at Remlinger Farms and then make homemade jam.
30. Take a tide walk along Discovery Park’s two miles of protected shoreline for some prime limpet, sea star and anemone-viewing.
31. Pretend you’re in Cancun at Colman pool in Lincoln Park and enjoy a buoyant swim in the city’s only saltwater pool.
32. Eat a hot dog and drink a beer at Shorty’s.
33. Watch dogs of all sizes, from Rhodesian ridgebacks to pugs, joyously splashing at Warren G. Magnuson Park.
34. Embrace my inner child by splash around a city park wading pool. A favorite is Soundview on Crown Hill, known for – you guessed it – great Puget Sound views.
35. Walk on an afternoon ferry to Bainbridge Island and then meander into Winslow and have dinner at the Harbor Public House. Time your return trip to watch the sunset.
36. Shop for hidden artsy treasure at a local Arts Festival. and/or
37. Taste some new brew at the Summer Brewfest
38. Enjoy the entertainment and crafts at the West Seattle Junction Festival
39. Watch the crowing of the "Seed Spitting" King & Queen along with food, rides and fireworks on the Fjord in Poulsbo on the 3rd of July.
40. Enjoy the Family 4th at Lake Union Fireworks on my balcony following a barbeque with friends and family.
41. Enjoy some of the events for Seafair.
42. Instead of running though a sprinkler in the backyard, run through the fountain at Seattle Center on a REALLY hot summer day!
43. Pretend to pirate a tall ship at the Tacoma Tall Ship Festival.
44. Enjoy a potluck barbeque in the park with friends and family.
45. Enjoy a summer evening laughing and drinking beer on the patio at Hale’s Ale’s in Ballard.
46. Dance to fun music, eat great food and people watch at the Folklife Festival.
47. Perfect my plank grilled salmon recipe!
48. Paddle around Green Lake in one of their rental paddle boats.
49. Practice my home improvement skills by donating a day of my time to Barb’s house.
50. Grow herbs and flowers on my patio!

From my list of 50, 5 were completed in previous weeks! (33, 44, 45, 46, 47)! Woo hoo! This weekend saw the completion of a few more (28, 36, 37 and 50). Friday night I swung by Home Depot on my way home from work and picked up some flower and herb to plant on my patio. I planted sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil in a galvanized tub which will be completely growing out of control before too long. I also planted geraniums and daisies. The deck feels very summery now.

Saturday I attended the NW Source Summer Brewfest with some friends, which was great fun! I also accomplished #28 by sampling a little Bullfrog Ale and the festival. I still may make it out to the Rogue's Issaquah Brew house to have another this summer, but just in case I am counting it here. Then on Sunday I shopped for hidden artsy treasure at the Edmonds Art Festival in Edmonds, Washington with friends. It was a GREAT arts festival with wonderful and unique treasures. The weather this weekend was phenomenal and today I am showing off my sun-kissed face, shoulders and arms.

Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are!

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