Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Weekly Update - Promenade is my new favorite color!

Hello Everybody!

The last week has been like a whirlwind week and I have just been whirling along with it. I have to say that I don't care for daylight savings time very much.I do like having the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, but think that it is a pain to change every clock, watch or timepiece in your life, and my natural clock has just seemed a "bit-off" all week. If it feels around 7:30 p.m. in my head, you can imagine my shock when I look at the clock and realize that it is actually 9:00 p.m. After catching up on some sleep this past weekend, I think I can finally make the adjustment.

I attended a PEO meeting last Monday evening after I received an invitation from one of the Seattle chapters. It was very nice to meet some Seattle PEO's and attend a meeting. There was one really unusual thing about my evening. When I arrived, I met the President, her name Julieann, then during dinner I sat next to Martha Ann and Margaret Ann. Then another woman joined our table, her name Marianne! Then at the meeting I sat next to Hazel Ann. The meeting was in Queen Anne. It was like being in the Twilight Zone of Anne and it was a bit too much Anne for one evening, don't you think?

Work has been super busy. We had a trade show in Cleveland last week, and although I didn't attend, I had tons to do to put everything together so that the company would be ready to go. Then while half our teams was in Cleveland I had my two most productive days thus far on Thursday and Friday, so I had jello for brains by Friday night. I continue to love it and it gets easier and easier every day!

I shared my frustration over selecting a paint color for the bathroom a few weeks ago. I was mistaken when I thought that selecting the paint color would be the most difficult part of the project. I have never painted a room from start to finish, although I have assisted friends in painting their homes, but never a room of my own, so I had a lot to learn! But I am happy to report that 2 days and 4 trips to Home Depot later, I have successfully painted my bathroom. It is a lovely shade of earthy green called Promenade (from Behr paint). I did learn a few things during the process of this project, and because you are my family and friends, I have decided to pass on this valuable knowledge to you, if you should ever decide to embark on a painting project, keep the following in mind....

1. I was wise to cover every surface not being painted with plastic and tape because I am kind of a sloppy painter, however when you only have a one-bathroom apartment, it is really stupid to cover the toilet!

2. No matter how carefully you tape and paint, when you remove the tape you will have to touch up some edges, I wasn't planning on that and had removed the drop cloths.

3. Make sure that the only functional light that you have in the room is not a "sun light" (you know those light bulbs that warm the bathroom so you feel like you are on a beach)!

4. Make sure that you look in a mirror every once in a while and remove paint from strange places. Right in the middle of my project I ran out of paint, so during an errand to Home Depot and Taco Del Mar I was told by the woman making my burrito that I had paint on my forehead.

AND, finally....

5. Double the time that you THINK that it will take. I assumed that a few hours into it I would be done, but no such luck!

You have no idea how glad I was when I was finished cleaning and moving everything back into the bathroom. I love it now!

I just have two more boxes to unpack and my moving project is entirely done. I am making the final
arrangements for my House Beautiful photo shoot and will send some pics to all of you soon!

Hope all is well with you!

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